Avoiding Common Tree Stump Removal Mistakes

Cutting down the tree is not always the most difficult part of tree removal. Many people will take down small trees on their own, but the issue of what to do with the remaining stump is often the biggest problem. Many property owners underestimate how challenging it is to completely remove a stump. There are many reasons why deciding how to remove the stump before the tree is cut is important. Leaving it behind makes it difficult to mow a lawn, reduces the appearance of a yard and may even lead to pest infestations.

There are numerous methods of stump removal, but most are ineffective and some may cause more harm than benefit. Burning the stump is nearly impossible because the majority of the wood is beneath the ground and it is difficult to get enough oxygen to the fire to make it work properly. In many instances the remaining stump may turn to charcoal, take longer to decay and be harder to remove. Letting the stump decay on its own will take years or decades and during the decay process it will look unattractive and attact termites, carpenter ants and other insects. Drying out the stump faster with products like baking soda is not harmful, but it will usually not work as expected. Pulling the stump with a truck or heavy equipment will cause damage to the yard and may not work if the root system is extensive.

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The fastest and most effective method is grinding. With stump grinding salem oregon tree removal services can remove the tree and the stump on the same day. The stump is chopped to sawdust and either mixed with soil and left to fill the hole or removed and used for mulch or compost. The homeowner no longer has to worry about the stump taking up so much of their yard and they can immediately begin improving the property.

With a tree service mcmnville oregon property owners will not have to waste time on ineffective methods that only lead to frustration. They can have the stump removed without damaging the surrounding property and without spending money on products that do not work. The tree is safely removed from the property and if diseased or affected in some way it will be disposed of properly to prevent the spread of any blight or disease.

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